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Judah AriYah
Master of Sparks

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PostSubject: YEN POX   Wed Oct 03, 2007 6:51 pm

So have any of you ambient aficianados ever heard of YEN POX ??

Definitely on the darker side of the ambient world. It was only
one guy and I had the cd called Blood Music and that cd WAS INSANE!
I can even explain it. It was definitely a soundscape, but you could hear
a lot of things in it and even then you didn't know if you were actually
hearing those things. Every time you listened to it, you could hear new
things in it. It would be a great soundtrack to an H.P. Lovecraft movie,
if one was ever done really well..

Anyways, my cd is long gone and got curious to see if he was still
around and it looks like there is a myspace page up that has something
to do with YEN POX but also some other project called VEIL OF SECRECY.
Not really sure how they are associated..

There is one YEN POX track up there, but it really isn't like the
old YEN POX I had heard. The other tracks are VEIL OF SECRECY.

here is the myspace link..
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PostSubject: Re: YEN POX   Sun Oct 07, 2007 11:34 am

Listening now...sounds cool. Interesting name... Veddy interrresting

Ian McDuyhard wrote:
 Calvin - "It's a Stone Groove, innit?!?"

click here, ya bastid! ---> Stone Groove Records is a label specializing in doom/stoner,
heavy rock, classic metal, punk, ambient, experimental and reissues of lost underground classics.
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