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 CDs for sale...

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PostSubject: CDs for sale...   Tue Oct 28, 2008 8:03 pm

ALL CDS are NEW. Buy any one CD get the second CD for free (equal or lesser value)
Email Robert at to hold your CD order. Orders of $50 or more, free shipping.


AVIAN - "From the Depths of Time" $14.00 QTY-1

DIVINEFIRE - HERO (Import) $16.00 QTY-1

FINAL AXE - Beyond Hells Gate - Limited Edition Reissue $14.00 QTY-2

PYRAMAZE - Melancholy Beast- Nightmare Records Featuring Lance King. $15.00 QTY-1

WORLDWIDE! Co-Producer David Ellefson. $14.00 QTY-1

CRIMSON MOONLIGHT - "The covenant Progess" Rivel Records -" $15.00 QTY-1

SAINT - "Warriors of the Son" -Re-recorded 2004. $15.00 QTY-4

Amos -"A Matter of Time" (gothic progressive metal from Brazil) $15 QTY-2

Need Cane - "The Big Dance" (New project from Ex Tourniquet Guitarist
Gary Lenaire. Fantastic Hard Rock/Metal with a touch of modern flair.)
$16 QTY-1

Disciple - s/t (SRE Records 2005/Groove Hard Rock) $13 QTY-1

- "Cryptic Works 1999-2005 (2005 Bombworks Records/Christian Death
Metal from Latin America 16 songs of brutality! This Cd is 5 years in
the making the production is a little thin but on a limited budget.
This band has been well recieved in Latin America and through the
undergound circles) $16 QTY-2

Holy Blood- The Wanderer (Christian black metal) $13 QTY-1

Horse- "Until the Last Seal is Opened..." (2005 Bombworks Records.
Officially released on CD for the first time, this compilation includes
every song that Pale Horse ever recorded! Limited edition.) $15 QTY-2

"Retribution for Sin " (2005 Bombworks Records. Brand new Death Metal
release. A full length CD that also includs covers of Mortification and
Holy Blood.) $15 QTY-1

Seventh Angel- "Heed the Warning" 2005
Bombworks Records. Officially released on CD, includes the entire
4-song "Heed the Warning" demo and eight bonus live tracks. Incredible
release! Limited edition. $15 QTY-2

Venia -"In Our Weakness" thrashy power metal from Finland $12 QTY-1


Alone for Enemies (Face Down Records) Hardocre/ Metal Core $13.00 QTY-1

Soul (Power metal with haunting Jimmy Brown vocals/for fans Biogenesis,
Deliverance and Veni Domine/Brazil Import) $13 QTY-1

Anaemia-Second Incarnation (excellent technical thrash metal!) $16 QTY-1

Antestor - Martrium- Extreme Death Metal $13.00 QTY-1

Torment- Extremem Death MEtal $13.00 Torment Alive $17.00 Brutal Death
/Thrash Metal From Brazil Recorded Live They also play
LivingSarcrfice's "Reject". For fans of early Mortification, Slayer and
Crimson Thorn. QTY-3

As I Lay Dying- Frail Words Extreme MEtal Core $13.00 QTY-1

Avenger of Blood -s/t $13.00 QTY-1

Arvinger -Hellgards Fall $13.00 QTY-1

Asension Theory- Regenereation $13.00 QTY-1

Asention Theory - Answeres $13.00 QTY-3

- "From the Depths of Time" (Featuring LANCE KING Vox & DAVID
long awaited side project of Lance King (BALANCE OF POWER, PYRAMAZE)
and bassist Dave Ellefson (MEGADETH, F5) $14.00 QTY-1


Eddie Baird-Driving west 10.00 QTY-1

Eddie Baird-A sounds Rippling through many 10.00 QTY-1

Eddie Baird-Birth out of pain 10.00 QTY-1

Eddie And the Cruisaders-One Wild Ride 10.00 QTY-1

and Relics (This is an album with unreleased songs and remixes, plus 3
recordings of their 1982 rehearsals. A good limited collectors cd-only
1000 made) $15 QTY-1

Belica -Looking for the Light (Brazillian
Power Metal w/ a European flare/fans of Helloween, Seventh Avenue,
Gamma Ray) $15 QTY-1

David Benson- Holy Psyco- $13.00 QTY-1

Biogenesis- ST Modern Metal $13.00 QTY-1

-"Waking up the Dead" New Heavy Metal CD From Strypers Robert Sweet.
for fans of Early Bride, Blacklabel Society and Oil. $14.00 QTY-1

Germany with Love (re-issued classic metal that was formerly only
available in Germany/limited edition we have the last copies
available!) $10 QTY-4

Bride- Skin for Skin 2008 Release $13.00 QTY-1

Bride - Fist Full of Bees $13.00 QTY-1

Bride-Jesus Experience (heavy modern hard rock) $13 QTY-1

Years (Double cd containes 40 songs on 2 cd's/disc one has 20 songs
form the Matrix Years release, disc two has all 20 of the Lost Reels.)
$16 QTY-1

Bride-Cornerstone Live 2001 (captured live) $15 QTY-1

Bride-Silence is Madness (re-issued classic metal/one of Bride's best!) $14

Bride-Vol 2. Live (Live acoustic!) $15 QTY-4

of the Age (the last true metal disc from Bride/features songs from
Show No Mercy, Live to Die, Silence is Madness, Kinetic Faith and one
unreleased cut "Troubled Times"/in long box) $15

Bride-Drop (Dale & Troy Thompsonís attempt at heavy alternative) $10 QTY-1

Bride-Show no Mercy ( Out of Print") $14.00 QTY-1

Bride-The Organic years (Double cd of "Oddities" and "The Jesus Experience" M8 release) $17 QTY-2

-"This is It" CD an Excellent array of Heavy Modern Metalness with
Groove to spare and Tons of catchy hooks some of which are reminisent
of Metalica a la Load and Reload. $15.00 QTY-4

Broken- $13.00 QTY-1


CrestFall- $13.00 QTY-1

Crimson Moonlight (Extremem Black Metal) $13.00 QTY-1

Cripple Need Cane- Big Dance $16.00 QTY-1

Crutch- $12.00 QTY-2

Limit- "S/T" 2004 Flying Leap Records. (Ok people this is Dennis
Camerons ( for merly Angelica) is back with his New Band Cynical Limit.
You will be blown away from this new project. All origian music and
done in a modern flair but with great guitar soloing . Yes Guitar
solos! Dennis still has the chops and combined with ther new sound adds
that speclal element needed to create this great cd! A must if you love
90's style metal with all the action of 80's solos!! I give it a thumbs
up! A mere) $9.99 QTY-2


Daniel Band-Cornerstone Live 2001 (captured live) $13 QTY-1

DB Reality -$10.00 QTY-1

-The Second Death (Brazilian Import/old school thrash metal with a hint
of death metal on Destroyer Records/CD) $15 QTY-1

Deliverance- Greetings or Death $13.00QTY-1

Deuteronomium-Street Corner Queen (Norwegian black metal/import) $14 QTY-1

Deuteronomium-Here to Stay (death & roll from Norway) $15 QTY-2

Disciple - ST $13.00 QTY-1

Disciple-By God (Heavy, chunky, groove metal core-has 19 songs plus an extra cd) $17QTY-1

-Back Again (heavy as a freight train carrying a load of steel at
200mph! New metal with an old metal attitude. ) $15 QTY-2


Echo Hollow- Diet of Worms (ex-Tourniquet vocalist and guitarist's new band) $10

EDEN - Fan the Flame (Melodic Metal Featuring Guitar Virtuoso REX CARROLL of the band WHITECROSS) $14.00 QTY-1

Eight Ball Cholos-Satanís smurf-for-hire (thrash-core w/Burrito &
Dioís Tracy G/Morphine Records comes with free sticker) $10

Eleven Hours Down-There's Hope in the Darkness (hardcore like Training for Utopia/Helmet) $12 QTY-1

Eloi "Mold" (Groove core for fans of Godfear/Eternal Decision) $13.00

Eternal Descion- Three $13 QTY-1

Eternal Ryte - Anthology (includes the World Requiem album and all the band's demos/2 CDs) $14

Every Day Life-American Standard (rapcore with an Attitude!) $10 QTY-1

Excision- Visi- Death Metal $12.00 QTY-1

Extol - Blue Print $12.00 QTY-1

- Synergy (Third full length CD from technical death metal masters.
This disc is SUPER technical and has a slightly more thrash disc.)
$14.00 QTY-1


FaceDown - Blitz $12.00 QTY-1

FEARFUL SYMMETRY - SAD VEIL OF TEARS (originally intended to be
released as a Deliverance CD, the name was changed as the music is so
far different from Deliverance. Goth/Industrial/metal)( $15.00 QTY-1

Final Axe- Beyond $13.00 QTY-2

Forthwright-My Soul Secure (hardcore-metalcore/fans of Erase
should dig this!/now out-of-print/Morphine Records) $12 QTY-2

Like Ashes - Pure As The Blood Covered Snow (an awesome mix of black
and death metal from former Possession members! Limited Edition five
song EP.) $7 QTY-1

Frostharder- "Makteslos"- Import-5 song EP-
Extreme Unblack-Doom Metal from Scandanavia. Recommemded if you like
Crimson Moolight, Ashen Mortality or Deuteronomium. $12.00 QTY-1


Galactic Cowboys-The Horse the Bud Bought (Metal Blade Records/heavy! groove! metal!) $ 12 QTY-1

WARNING - Digital Blackness (Big downtuned Metal Grooves, with a strong
melodic growl type voice similar to that of James Hetfield) $10.00

Gnashing of Teeth-s/t (New metalcore band from Rowe Productionsl) $15 QTY-1

Yellow & Black Attack is Back! (Guardian plays tribute to Stryper
by perfomingthe entire Y&BA album) $ 15 QTY-1

Voyager & Fusion-The Early Years (19 total songs of early
unreleased demos and EPs/Songs from thier first "Fusion" release 1984 6
song EP "Rock in Victory" and 1987 Release "Voyager") $15 QTY-1

Guardian-Cornerstone Live 2001 (captured live) $15 QTY-1


Haven - Age of Darkness (REAL POWER METAL/German Import) $17.00 QTY-1

Holy Blood - Wanderer $13.00 QTY-1

Holy Soldier-Encore (Live recording with both vocalists and guest appearance with Pat Boone) $12 QTY-1


Illiminati-The Begining $13.00 QTY-1


Joshua-Something to say $15 QTY-4

Joshua-Chapter One $15 QTY-1

Joshua - Hand is Quicker than the Eye $15 QTY-1


Klank-Numb $15 QTY-2

Krush - Sindrome (new school groove style metal with an old school attitude & plenty of guitar solos ) $13 QTY-2

Krush- Welcome $13 QTY-1


Lament-Tears of a Leper (brutal progressive death metal) $12 QTY-1

Last Chapter -Patrhways $12.00 QTY-1

Gary Lenaire- (former Gutiartist and vocalist of Tourniquet First Solo Project) Lost Years $13 QTY-2

Levitcus- I Shall Conquer (M8 reissue Out of Print) $14.00 QTY-2

Levitcus- Strongest Power (M8 reissue Out of Print) $14.00 QTY-4

Living Sacrifice- Reborn- $12.00 QTY-2

Living Sacrifice- Non Existant $12.00 QTY-1

Living Sacrifice- Non Existant (REX Version) $14.00 QTY-1

Living Sacrifice-Inhabit (re-released from Solid State with new art/grinding death metal) $12 QTY-2

Living Sacrifice-In Memorium $13.00 QTY-3

Tribute to Living Sacrifice -Various Comp $13 QTY-1

Lutikris-(Not the Rap Artist!!) Travail- $12 QTY-1


Metanoia-Donít Walk Dead (death metal from Australia) $12 QTY-1

Matteson- Power Games (Prog Metal) $12 QTY-1

Messiah Prophet - Rock the Flock (M8 Reissue Out of Print) QTY-1

Mindrage-Sown In Weakness, Raised in Power (intense hardcore/metalcore) $14 QTY-1

MINDSET 7 - Blur (Excellent uplifting up-tempo hard rockin' songs) $13.00 QTY-1

Missionary One- Take Another Swig $13 QTY-1

Modus Operendi-Modus Operendi (Old-skool thrash metal/
fans of Betrayal/Martyr/Deliverance) $13 QTY-13

Monsterus - "Zealots in the Land of Nod" Undustrial like Metal for fans of Rob Zombie NIN and White Zombie. $14.00 QTY-1

Mortification - Relentless (Import/13 tracks of extreme) $15 QTY-2

Mortification - Power Pain and Passion (Excellent career retrospect for Mortification.) $14.00 QTY-4

Mortification-Triumph of Mercy (modern metal extremes/ the latest Morty studio disc/Rowe Productions) $12 QTY-1

Mortification-10 Years Live Not Dead (new LIVE! release from pioneers of extreme metal!) $15 QTY-1

Mortification-Break The Curse 1990 (classic thrash metal reissue of a long out of print disc) $15 QTY-8

Mortification-Live without Fear $8.00 QTY-2

Mortification-Break The Curse 1990 (classic thrash metal reissue of a long out of print disc) $15 QTY-1


Necromance-Tribulation Force (A hybrid of Electronic Rock/goth/and Eurosynth pop) $14 QTY-1

Normandy- Denied $13 QTY-1


- "Choice Cuts Off the Chopping Block" Limited edtion (only 1000 made
and all autographed by Oil) Excellent Live recording of Pure Oil Metal
Madness!! Also Featuring 3 unreleased songs and 2 bonus acoustic
tracks. $12.00 QTY-1

One Bad Apple-Creeping Things (rap core/death metal for fans of Stuck Mojo or P.O.D.) $12 QTY-3

One Bad Pig -Live at Cornerstone 2000 (M8 Out of Print) $14 QTY-1

Palehorse- Until the Last Seal- (Death Metal) $12 QTY-2

Paramaecium -Time to Mourn $12 QTY-1

Paramaecium- Echoes from the Ground $12 QTY-1

Paramaecium- Exhumed Of the Earth $12 QTY-1

Philadelphia-Tell the Truth (80s heavy metal reissue/like old Judas Priest/Saint) $15 QTY-1

P.O.D.-Brown (remastered, remixed, and new artwork) $14 QTY-2

P.O.D.-Snuff the Punk (reissue, remastered Out of Print ) $14 QTY-1

P.O.D.- Satelite (RapCore/Nu Metal/Excellent production featuring the #1 Song on MTV's TRL-"Alive") $12 QTY-1

Psycoma -Of the Mind $10 QTY-3
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Cap'n Caveman!!!

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PostSubject: Re: CDs for sale...   Tue Oct 28, 2008 8:03 pm



Recon-Cornerstone Live 2001 (captured live/reunion concert Out Of Print !) $15 QTY-1

Renascent-"Demon Quest" New 4 song EP Extreme hybrid of Black, Death and Thrash Metal. $10.00

Rivera/Bomma - Invisible Force (AWESOME progressive metal/Import) $20.00 QTY-1

Royal Anguish- Chronicles of Autums Sorrow- $12 QTY-1


Sacred Warrior- Live at Cornerstone Reunion 2001 M8 (Out OF Print!!) $15 QTY-2

Sacred Oath - A Crystal Vision $12 QTY-1

Sacrament - Haunts of Violence (out of Print) $14 QTY-1

Sacrificium- Demo 96- $8.00 QTY-1

Sacrificium-Cold Black Peice of Flesh $12 QTY-1

Saint -"In the Battle" $15.00 QTY-3

Saint -"Collection 1984-1999". It has all 4 albums . Limited Edition for $25.00 QTY-1

Saint- Warriors of the Son (re-release plus 4 demo tracks from thier Gentiles demo) $13 QTY-4

Sanctifed Sister-self titled (heavy groove) $8 QTY-2

Sardonyx- Linear Progression (power/progressive metal) $8 QTY-1

Scream of the Guillotine-...of the Mind (theatrical and progressive
rock/metal from Sardonyx vocalist Tom Denlinger) $15 QTY-1

Seven Angels- To Know God -$12 QTY-1

Seventh Avenue- Tale of Tales (great power metal/German import) $14 QTY-1

Rocha's Shining Star-Fatal Mistake (GREAT melodic neo-classical heavy
metal from Brazil for fans of Narnia/Wisdom Call/Yngwie Malmsteen) $15

Shout-In Your Face/It Won't Be Long (classic metal/KMG reissue) $12 QTY-1

Shout-Shout Back (NEW release from Ken Tamplin's recently reformed melodic metal band) $15 QTY-1

Slechtvalk-Falconry (Black metal import from the Netherlands) $15 QTY-1

Shining Star -Enter Eternity- Excellent Progressive Metal for fans of Rob Rock and Avain $12 QTY-3

Shining Star -Holy Nation -Excellent Progressive Metal for fans of Rob Rock and Avain $12 QTY-2

Soldier-The Definitive Collection 1985-1989 (collection of demos from underground band) $14


Slave to the System $12 QTY-1

SlechtValk- Falconry $12 QTY-1

Sons of Thunder-Load Aim Fire (Heavy Metal Praise/Fans of Metallica and Eternal Decision) $15

Soterios-The Blinding Pain and Unspoken Words (Metalcore/Technical riffing Mature Drum work and creative bass lines.) $12 QTY-1

Breeze-Annuling Dark Forces (Death Metal 3 song EP/Import
Brazil/Packaged in a Cardboard sleeve B&W art work) $5 QTY-1

Spirit Breeze- Eternal Suffering (Death MEtal Full length Cd) $12 QTY-1

Stairway-Bleeding Heart (European import/classic heavy metal) $15

Staruos-Adrift (Excellent Progressive Power Metal) $10 QTY-1

Stronghold-Prayers from a yearning heart (metalcore) $8

Step Cousin-Experiments in Sound (extreme technical thrash/death metal) $15 QTY-1

Stronghold- Prayers (Death Metal) $10 QTY-4

STRANGE LAND- ANOMALY (Heavy Progressive Rock with a Metal Edge) $12.00 QTY-1

Stryper Tribute "Isaiah 3:5" (Blood-n-Fire, Nailed, Disciple, One Bad Apple pay tribute/15 songs in all) $10 QTY-1

Stryper- Reborn $12 QTY-1

Stryper - Roxx Regime Demos Cd reissue (limited Pressing) $14 QTY-5

Sympathy- Invocation- (Death Metal) $12 QTY-1

Sympathy- All Have - (Death Metal) $12 QTY-2

Sweet Crystal- Still Standing $12 QTY-3


Ken Tamplin-An Axe To Grind/Soul Survivor (KMG reissue) $12.00 QTY-1

Tefilla- ST Prog Metal $12 QTY-2

Tempest - Lost in the Storm (Out of Print) $14 QTY-1

Thy Pain - More than Suiffering (Death Metal) $10 QTY-1

Titanic- Maiden Voyage $10 QTY-1

Titanic- Screaming in Silence $12 QTY-2

Torn - Tree (modern groove metal) $10 QTY-1

Towne Cryer- Death By Sin (Thrash Metal Out of Print) $10 QTY-6

Tourniquet-Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm $15 QTY-1

Tourniquet-Vanishing Lessons (Out of Print) QTY-1

Tourniquet-Carry the Wounded (Out Of Print) QTY-1

Tourniquet-Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance (2001 re-issue with new artwork, photos and 2 bonus tracks) $15 QTY-1

Treasure Seeker St - cover Album (Prog Metal) $12 QTY-1

Transendence- the Miridian Project $10 QTY-1

Trytan-Celestial Messenger (Limited edition re-issue from M8 Records/classic Christian metal) $15 QTY-2

Trytan -Sylentiger (classic metal back in print/M8 release) $15 QTY-1


Under Command - Seeing Red $14 QTY-1

Under Command-Secret Place of Thunder (10 songs of classic heavy metal w/ excellent soul searching lyrics) $14 QTY-1

USM (United States of Mind)-Silver Stepchild (Melodic progressive metal from three members of Balance of Power) $15 QTY-1

Ultimatum - Symphonic Extremities +3 (2007 reissue)

Ultimatum - Mechanics of Perilous Times +3 (2007 reissue)


VARIOUS- Rugged Cuts - (Out Of Print) $10 QTY-1

VARIOUS Extreme MArdi Gras 2002 $10 QTY-1

VARIOUS- Massive Frequency Overload $10 QTY-1

VARIOUS Christian Metal Realm Compilation Vol 2 - $10 QTY-1

VARIOUS Bring back the Rock $8.00 QTY-1

VARIOUS 2000 The Second Comming Featuring Ultimatum $8.00 QTY-1

VARIOUS Cornerstone Live Compilation ( Out OF Print- includes Recon, Guardian, Sacre Warrieo plus others) $10

VARIOUIS Metal Elements II - Nightmare Records $10 QTY-3

VARIOUS - Power From theSky (featuring Wisdoms cal plusother Euro Power Metal Bands) $10 QTY-2

VARIOUS Southern Extremeties $ 10 QTY-3

VARIOUS Underground Rot Compilation Vol 1- $12 QTY-4

Underground Rot Compilation-Vol 2 Rotting Records This undergroundcd
features all the death/unblack metal bands available today. Such bands
are Franks Enemy, Metanoia, Encryptor, Demoniciduth, Sorrowstorm, Nova
lex, Ministros Del Snatuario, Saturate, Benevolence, Divine Heretic,
and House of Ill Repute. rutal Death/Unblack Metal. $ 12.00 QTY-2

Jump in the Pit-A Testament Tribute (a tribute to secualar thrash band
Testament, features Ultimatum doing "Sins of Omission", also feature
Blackend, Fury, Prototype and more/WARNING, this is NOT a Christian cd)
$12 QTY-3

VARIOUS-Premium Cuts (great Partiot Records sampler/features Barren Cross, Red Sea, PK Mitchell, and Neon Cross) $12 QTY-1

of Abadon (EXCELLENT Death & black metal compilation featuring a
brand new song from Crimson Thorn. Also features: Feast Eternal, Noiz,
Grim, Sculptre, Salutary, Vaakevandring and loads more. 17 tracks in
all.) $13 QTY-5

Vengeance Rising -Released Upon The Earth/Destruction Comes
(2 albums on one disc/Killer Deal!/KMG) $12 QTY-1

Veni Domine-Spiritual Wasteland (3rd & latest progressive metal masterpiece/import) $13 QTY-1

Veni Domine-Album of Tybour $13 QTY-1

Visionare-Mystical Dominion (melodic death metal) $15 QTY-2



Whitcross-Triumphant Return $10.00 QTY-1

Wisdom Call-self titled (Narnia singer solo project/excellent melodic metal) $15 QTY-4


Zengarden / Antidemon-Barad (Split Cd - Brutal Death/Doom Metal Import from Brasil.) $15 QTY-1
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PostSubject: Re: CDs for sale...   Tue Jun 09, 2009 8:09 am

Deliverance and Veni Domine/Brazil Import

Do you still have this?
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PostSubject: Re: CDs for sale...   Sun Jul 13, 2014 3:36 pm


Ian McDuyhard wrote:
†- "It's a Stone Groove, innit?!?-"

click here, ya bastid! ---> Stone Groove Records is a label specializing in doom/stoner,
heavy rock, classic metal, punk, ambient, experimental and reissues of lost underground classics.
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PostSubject: Re: CDs for sale...   

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CDs for sale...
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